Zombicide Black Plague: Hero Box 1


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The zombie onslaught left only a few of us to get revenge: our former lives were shattered, and we had to look past our differences to find strength in numbers. Zombies may all look the same, but heroes come in all sizes and shapes. Here is our secret path to victory. Will you join us?

How about adding a pirate captain, a fallen noble, a callous thief, a proud dwarf warrior, and a battle priest to your team? The Hero Box contains five additional Survivors for Black Plague, as well as everything your gaming group needs to play with up to two additional players.

5 Survivors Miniatures
5 ID Cards
2 Plastic Dashboards
2 Colored Bases
16 Trackers
2 Starting Equipment Cards

Ages: 14+
Players: 1-8
Game Length: 60 minutes