World of Tanks: W1 Soviet - SU-100 World of Tanks battlefront

World of Tanks: Soviet SU-100

GaleForce Nine

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The SU-100 is a Soviet tank destroyer based off the extensively produced T-34 and T-34-85 chassis. Produced from September 1944 through June 1945, it saw service in the Red Army all the way through to the end of the war in Berlin and beyond. Combining well sloped armour and a deadly 100mm D10S gun, they were nicknamed ‘cat-killers' for their ability to know out heavy German tanks like the Panther and Tiger.

Inside this Expansion Pack, you will find a highly detailed, assembled, painted plastic SU-100 miniature and tank card. Your tank can be further personalised to match your requirements using the five crew, module and upgrade cards included.

Plastic components.

1 Painted Tank
1 Tank Card
5 Upgrade Cards
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