World of Tanks: W2 American - M4A1 Sherman World of Tanks battlefront

World of Tanks: American M4A1 Sherman

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The M4A1 Sherman tank was, much like other releases in this wave, one of the most iconic tanks of the war. The Sherman first saw combat in the deserts of North Africa and continued to serve on battlefields till the end of the war in a variety of models. This Expansion Pack has the same model previously included in the Starter Set, but has been given a new lease on life through the inclusion of some new cards to let you turn this blank canvas of a tank into whatever you need it to be.

Whilst the M4A1 Sherman is a cost-effective tank with fairly average stats, it does have a good Initiative stat and by adding Relaying to your radio operator other tanks in the platoon can benefit from it during the Shooting Phase. Why stack a number of initiative buffs on each of your tanks when they may not need them each turn? When you get just let your Sherman pass information off to them.

Plastic components.

1 Painted Tank
1 Tank Card
5 Upgrade Cards
1 Online Bonus Card