Whu Beastgrave: Counter Set Generic Games Workshop  (5026483404937)

Warhammer Underworlds: Beastgrave Counter Set

Games Workshop

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This counter set is designed to be used instead of the general-purpose counters in the Core Set, it includes bespoke counters for every ability that uses counters, including all the previous expansions.

This set includes;

  • 6x Feast Counters
  • 1x Horn Counter
  • 6x Madness Counters
  • 6x Potency Counters
  • 6x Ritual Counters
  • 5x Sacrifice Counters
  • 15x Waaagh! Counters
  • 1x Wildform: +1 Move Counter
  • 1x Wildform: +1 Wounds Counter
  • 1x Wildform: +1 Defence Counter


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