Warcry: Iron Golem Warhammer Games Workshop  (5026481242249)

Warcry: Iron Golem

Games Workshop

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The Iron Golems are one of the toughest and most durable in the Age of Sigmar Warcry game, even your weakest fighters will become a major problem for your enemies on the battlefield. With 9 fighter types, you will have endless options to fight with.

This box set contains;

  • 8x Multipart plastic Iron Golem miniatures
    • 1x Dominar
    • 1x Drillmaster
    • 1x Ogor Breacher
    • 1x Prefector
    • 1x Armator
    • 3x Iron Legionaries with a choice of weapons and gear
  • 1x Iron Golem Abilities Card
  • 9x Iron Golem Fighter Cards
  • 4x 28mm Round Bases
  • 3x 32mm Round Bases
  • 1x 40mm Round Base