Trident Realm Of Neritica Mega Army Kings of War Mantic Games  (5026522562697)

Trident Realm Of Neritica Mega Army

Mantic Games

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Created during the God War by the Dark Smith, the Neritican armies are as capricious as the vast oceans that surround them, in parts gentle and nurturing, in others spiteful and full of wrath.


  • 50 Multi-part Plastic Naiad Heartpiercers or Ensnarers
  • 10 Multi-part Metal Riverguard with hand weapons and shields
  • 10 Multi-part Resin Thuul
  • 3 Multi-part Metal Gigas
  • 1 Multi-part Metal and Resin Leviathan's Bane with crew
  • 1 Multi-part Resin Thuul Mythican
  • 1 Multi-part Metal Riverguard Captain