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Kristof Pulinckx honed his skills under the influence of the now famous Belgian school, from which he developed his own unique style.

In the late 1990s he made a name for himself on the international modeling scene and quickly became known for his extreme weathering and chipping techniques.

He has also contributed countless articles to a multitude of publications and in many languages.

His easy-going and approachable personality makes Kristof a welcome guest at major modeling events around the world and he is well known for his demonstrations and workshops.

This AK Interactive set includes 18 acrylic colors especially useful for reproducing chipping effects on military vehicles, scifi, ships, civilian vehicles, scenery, etc.

The mixtures of these colors are easily adapted to reproduce chipping effects on any base tone. Includes an explanatory guide to perfect your chipping and apply them using different techniques.

This set contains: