Neverborn - Titania Core Box


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In ancient Malifaux, before humans had ever seen a Soulstone, Titania had ruled the Fae. Her reign was a long and prosperous one, and her throne remained unrivaled. That is, until the Tyrants came. She led her people, her creatures, her knights, against the Tyrants and was instrumental in the destruction of Kythera. But some of her followers believed she had grown too strong, and they betrayed her within Nythera, locking her away for centuries.

When Nythera was opened by clumsy human hands, the Fae were at last freed. Weakened from their long slumber, they looked upon a world changed and found it wanting. Titania immediately set about shifting the course of Fate to her design.

  • 1 Titania
  • 1 Aeslin
  • 1 Gorar
  • 3 Autumn Knights