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Thousand Sons Exalted Sorcerers

Games Workshop

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The Thousand sons started to suffer from mutation and de-evolution, seemingly at the whim of their patron-God. Horrified at this development, their chief sorcerer, Ahriman, cast a powerful spell designed to render the Thousand Sons immune to the warping effects of Chaos. The spell succeeded in this goal, but had a devastating unforeseen consequence, his fellow marines were transformed into dust sealed within their armour. Now most of the sons of Magnus are little more than mystically animated suits of armour, barely being capable of sentient thought without the guidance of a nearby Sorcerer.

This Multi-part plastic kit contains enough components to build 3 Exalted Sorcerers. Included are a variety of weapon options, 6 different chest plates, 7 different heads, a Disc of Tzeentch with magical flames and 3x 32mm & 1x 40mm Citadel Round bases.