Sylvaneth Treelord Warhammer Games Workshop  (5026472132745)

Sylvaneth Treelord

Games Workshop

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Of all the strange and wondrous denizens of Athel Loren the Treemen are the oldest and wisest.  Their large humanoid bodies are formed of wood held together by a powerful spirit.  While these beings are kind to the other creatures who dwell in the forest any invaders will be crushed beneath their heavy limbs.   The Ancient Treemen often lie in a deep slumber until they are needed to lead their younger brethren into battle.  Durthu's name is legend throughout Athel Loren as a vengeful, half mad Treeman of great age and power that lays waste to his enemies without mercy or remorse. 

This plastic kit contains parts to make an Treeman Ancient, Treeman or Durthu and round bases.

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