Sylvaneth Drycha Hamadreth Warhammer Games Workshop  (5026471739529)

Sylvaneth: Drycha Hamadreth

Games Workshop

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The strange and wondrous denizens of Athel Loren are tree spirits, their large humanoid bodies are formed of wood held together by a powerful spirit energy. While these beings are kind to the other creatures who dwell within the forest, any invaders are hunted down and crushed beneath their heavy limbs or killed with by their enchanted magical weapons.

A ancient hero reborn in a new, great and terrifying form. Drycha Hamadreth is one of the deadliest heroes of the Sylvaneth and is a cruel and vicious soul that leads the outcast of the Sylvaneth. She is a host to either a colony of Flitterflies or a swarm of Squirmlings in her branches and uses her colossal bulk and magical spirit power to protect of colony. Her greatest weapon is her scream, no enemy has actually heard her wail as her scream brings death to all.