Syll'Esske: The Vengeful Allegiance Generic Games Workshop  (5026481864841)

Syll'Esske: The Vengeful Allegiance

Games Workshop

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Syll'Esske: The Vengeful Allegiance is a unique collaboration of two deadly beings who are greater than the sum of their parts. Armed with the Axe of Domination and Scourging Whip, Syll'Esske is a monster in melee, cutting down all who oppose them. Their aura of power is so immense that friendly units are emboldened to fight with increased vigour.

The multi-part, plastic Syll'Esske: The Vengeful Allegiance kit contains;

  • 1x Syll'Esske: The Vengeful Allegiance, A named pair of Daemon heroes that act as a single model
  • Includes a Warhammer 40,000 datasheet in the construction guide

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