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Start Collecting! Stormcast Vanguard

Games Workshop

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Vanguard-Hunters are a new breed of Stormcast Eternal, they are swift and deadly rangers, trackers and cavalrymen without compare. Their armour has been adapted to suit their purpose, it is lighter and more agile than the standard Stormcast Eternal Battle Armour. Along with their sleek armour they are clad in furs and pelts taken from the mighty beasts that also call the wider realms home.

Gryph-hounds are ferocious untrainable beasts that herald from the Celestial Realms. They have an intense hatred for chaos in all its forms, this has lead them to aligned themselves with Sigmar's cause and support his Stormcast Eternals in battle. A single Gryph-hound is a deadly hunter, but in a pack they are a fearsome sight. The most cunning of their kind lead the pack as its Alpha, a beast so deadly that they can take on the mightiest of warriors.

This multipart plastic box set contains;

  • 1 Lord-Aquilor
  • 5 VanguardHunters
  • 3 Vanguard-Palladors
  • 3 Gryph-hounds
  • An Exclusive Warscroll Battalion rules sheet

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