Space Wolves Ulrik The Slayer Warhammer 40000 Games Workshop  (5026443886729)

Space Wolves Ulrik The Slayer

Games Workshop

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Ulrik the Slayer, an ancient and respected member of the mighty Space Wolves chapter. He is the Wolf Priest, the Space Wolves version of a Chaplain and is one of the oldest Space Wolves other than the Chapter's Dreadnoughts. He fought during the first war for Armageddon and is older even than the mighty Chapter Master Logan Grimnar, standing at his side to help guide him as part of his war council. Winning honour for his Chapter again and again in countless battles, now it is Ulrik's sacred duty as the Wolf Priest to recruit and train new Space Wolves, to ensure they up hold the honour of the Chapter and inspire them to great and fearless deeds in battle.  

This clam pack contains one highly detailed, plastic Space Wolves Ulrik the Slayer miniature, he carries the Wolf Helm by his side and is armed with a Crozius Arcanum. It is great out of the kit or allows for a brilliant conversion project with other Space Marine sets. A great addition to any Space Wolves army collection.