Slaves To Darkness: The Unmade Warhammer Games Workshop  (5026477408393)

Slaves To Darkness: The Unmade

Games Workshop

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The Unmade are completely insane and take 'being one with your weapon' to the very extreme, slicing off their own limbs and replacing them with the deadliest of weapons. If you send a soldier in to fight one of these nutbags you can start saying your goodbyes now.

This box set contains;

  • 18x The Unmade Miniatures
    • 2x Blissful One
    • 2x Joyous One
    • 6x Ascended Ones
    • 8x Awakened Ones
  • 8x 25mm Round Bases
  • 6x 28.5mm Round Bases
  • 2x 32mm Round Base
  • 2x 40mm Round Base

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