Slaves To Darkness: The Splintered Fang Warhammer Games Workshop  (5026477473929)

Slaves To Darkness: The Splintered Fang

Games Workshop

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The Splintered Fang are deadly assassins, they will brew up toxic poisons to murder their victims with, a grisly way to go. Using snakes for the venom and even companions in battle, these are a slippery and murderous faction.

This box set contains;

  • 20x Splintered Fangs Miniatures
    • 2x Trueblood
    • 2x Pureblood
    • 2x Serpent Caller
    • 4x Venombloods
    • 8x Clearbloods
    • 2x Serpents
  • 10x 25mm Round Bases
  • 4x 28.5mm Round Bases
  • 6x 32mm Round Bases

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