Skaven Clanrats Warhammer Games Workshop  (5026473738377)

Skaven Clanrats

Games Workshop

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Skaven are one of the most sinister and numerous denizens in the Mortal Realms. They are a race of vile rat-men that reside in their "under-Empires" deep under the surface. Skaven society is divided between four Great clans, each is unique and highly specialized. 

  • Clan Skryre specializes in a bizarre blend of sorcery and science which has produced the insidiously deadly weaponry used by the other Skaven clans.
  • Clan Eshin train peerless assassins and thieves, often remaining neutral during Skaven infighting and selling their services to the highest bidder.
  • Clan Moulder are the masters of breeding mutant war-beasts, using the power of warpstone to enhance the ferocity of beasts and often other Skaven from their slave-stock.
  • Clan Pestilens are frenzied devotees of the Horned Rat, plague-ridden and obsessed with spreading their contagion.

The multi-part plastic Skaven Clanrats box set contains;

  • 20x Skaven Clanrats
    • 20x different bodies
    • 20x different shields
    • 16x different hand weapons
    • 20x different spears-arms
  • Options to build
    • A musician
    • A standard bearer
    • A Clawleader