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Daemons Of Khorne: Skarbrand The Bloodthirster

Games Workshop

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Skarbrand only exists now as an avatar of fury, devoid of emotion apart from a hatred for someone he can no longer remember. This leads him to travel across the Realms and take out his vengeance on anything that crosses his path. This immense figure, armed with his two Daemon axes, towers over most other as a muscled killing machine that embodies the wrath of the Blood God. An awesome highly detailed plastic miniature to add to your Chaos forces of Khorne Bloodbound.

This multi-part plastic kit gives you everything you need in order to build Skarbrand, hubristic warrior of blood, murder and fury; armed with two daemonic axes, lovingly named Carnage and Slaughter. His once-mighty wings are shredded and torn, and his face is permanently twisted into a screaming rictus of pure anger. Bloodthirster fans amongst you will be pleased to hear that this kit is perfect for building a customised Bloodthirster!


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