Sif: Bolton Dreadfort Blackguards CMON CMON  (5026461089929)

Bolton Blackguards


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On the field of battle, everyone knows of the ruthlessness of the infamous Blackguards of House Bolton. What's more, their vicious spiked flails render heavy shields all but worthless. These two factors combine to create an aura of fear around them. Being the heaviest troops that House Bolton fields, the Blackguards can be relied upon as a solid vanguard. However, Bolton Commanders know to not let them get bogged down or end up in a protracted engagement. Their enemies are well aware that to fall against them in battle means the risk of a painful flaying should they not win in combat.

13 Miniatures
  ‣ 12 Blackguards
  ‣ 1 Bolton Flayer
1 Unit Card
1 Attachment Card
1 Movement Tray

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