SDI INGENUITY Precision Cutter


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SDI Ingenuity Precision Cutter 0443C

After winning Golden Pin Award in Taiwan and Good Design Award in Japan, INGENUITY Precision Cutter once again received another award – iF Design Award in Germany.
The win completes INGENUITY Precision Cutter a treble, which sets a record to one single cutter product.

– Transparent Clamp Stabilizes blade during cutting.
– Hollow area for fast thread cutting
– 30 degree blade is best for precisionw ork
– Triangle profile body for both right/ left handed and firm grip
– Auto-lock device withstands up to 8kg of pressure
– Anti-shaking
– Optimum Grip Area

Usage : for precision cutting

Suggested blade type : SDI no. 1361, no. 1403, no. 1503