SaberMach Guardian (Base Lit)


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Introducing the Guardian saber! These are our affordable entry-level sabers.

In-hilt LED option comes with base lit RGB LEDs, granting its users colour-changing features on-the-fly! They also feature eco-swing; an entry-tier version of smooth-swing. Now your saber’s sound effects are far more responsive and “smoother”, unlike older traditional FX sabers. They’re also programmed with 3 blade effects; allowing you to personalise your saber to your liking for an affordable saber experience.

This saber features a sleek and lightweight design. A nice slim choke point on the emitter gives you a nice ergonomic grip.

With our removable battery, the Guardian has an impressive 90 mins or 45 mins of play time for in-hilt or N-pixel respectively.

*Includes a 32″ blade*


Guardian In-Hilt Saber Configuration

In-Hilt LED

Our in-hilt LEDs are powered by RGB LEDs that give your saber color-changing capabilities.

Flash on Clash & Blade Lock Up

Blade flashes a contrasting colour when clashing, simulating a bright flash when two sabers hit each other. You can also activate a blade lock up feature. Just like in the movies.

Multi-Color Changing

The RGB LEDs provide your saber colour changing capabilities.

Blaster Block

Blaster Block FX lights the blade in a contrasting colour to simulate the blade deflecting or blocking a blaster bolt.

Sound FX

Sabers produce sound effects when igniting and shutting, including clashes and lock ups. The pre-installed 9 soundbanks produce different distinct unique soundfonts! Each different in profile from the other.

Eco Swing Sound FX

Simulating true-to-movie sound effects, hear the shift in pitch and shift in the saber’s hum and swing effects as you swing your saber around.

18650 Battery Power Core

18650 in-hilt charging battery for best preformances.



All SaberMach Guardian in-hilt comes complete with our 32" trans white blade, ultra bright RGB LED with crystal clear focusing lense for a bright and evenly lit saber..

Also included is an in-hilt recharge port. Powered by our 3.7V li-ion rechargeable battery with a 5V USB charging cable.

  • Saber Hilt
  • 32" Blade
  • 5V Charging Cable
  • Allen Key