Reaver Titan W/Melta Cannon & Chainfist Generic Games Workshop  (5026458566793)

Adeptus Titanicus: Reaver Titan Melta Cannon & Chainfist

Games Workshop

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The Reaver Titan is a mid-range titan, It is smaller than the Warlord and not as powerful but cheaper in points, allowing you to field them in greater numbers. Compared to the Warlord, the Reaver is faster and far more manoeuvrable, allowing it to get into position to strike against the enemies vulnerable side and rear arcs. 


  • 1x Reaver¬†Battle Titan
  • Weapon options, including;
    • Melta Cannon
    • Volcano Cannon
    • Chainfist
    • Carapace-mounted Turbo Laser Destructor
  • Can be built to represent loyalist or traitor factions