Northern Alliance Warband Set (2020) Vanguard Mantic Games  (5026517844105)

Northern Alliance Warband Set (2020)

Mantic Games

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An alliance of outcasts hailing from the frozen north and united by a common purpose. Northern Alliance Warbands include a wide variety of soldiers, from half-elves and ice Naiads to the lumbering snow trolls.


  • 2 Huscarl
  • 2 Ice Kin Hunter
  • 2 Half-Elf Berserker
  • 2 Snow Troll, 2x Ice Naiad
  • 10 Clansmen/Pack Hunters
  • cards for Clansman (Human), Clansman (Elf), Clansman (Dwarf), Huscarl, Snow Troll, Ice Kin Hunter, Ice Naiad, Berserker, Ice Blade, and Snow Troll Prime.