Necromunda: The Book Of Judgement (Eng) Generic Games Workshop  (5026460074121)

The Book Of Judgement

Games Workshop

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The Necromunda: The Book Of Judgement expansion book contains;

  • Crime on Necromunda: Extensive background on the vast criminal organisations and enterprises of Necromunda
  • Palanite Enforcers: Rules for fielding these elite officers of the law in Necromunda
  • Criminal Alliances: Rules for forming alliances with criminal organisations
  • New Campaign: The Law and Misrule campaign presents a new way to play as gangs fight over control of criminal rackets
  • Black Market: A huge selection of new weapons and wargear focusing on illegal and alien equipment for gangs to use
  • Hired Guns: Add Psyreena Skar, Estus Jet, Cor 'Two Guns' Coran, Vunder Gorvos, Gaen 'The Gunk Queen' Gorvos and Jonny Razor to your gang

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