Necromunda Kal Jericho And Scabs Generic Games Workshop  (5026459222153)

Kal Jericho And Scabs

Games Workshop

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Kal Jericho and Scabs can be hired by any Necromunda gang looking for a leg-up on their foes. Kal is deadly at close range, an expert shot with his two hotshot laspistols, and if any enemies survive his barrage, he's pretty handy with the duelling sabre he carries as well. If you're getting up-close and personal with an opposing gang, he's a great choice to bolster your forces. If any enemies do slip by Kal, Scabs will be watching his back. His stub gun and plasma gun ensure that he's a match for any enemy, making him a fantastic supporting player to any mission involving Kal, and giving the pair of them a place alongside any gang.


This multi-part plastic box set includes,

  • 1x Kal Jericho
  • 1x Scabs

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