Necromunda: Dark Uprising (English) Generic Games Workshop  (5026459582601)

Necromunda Dark Uprising Box Set

Games Workshop

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You can use the rules found in Gangs of the Underhive to bring other gangs into the Dark Uprising setting.

The Necromunda: Dark Rising box set contains;

  • 15x Corpse Grinder Cults
  • 6x Palanite Subjagtors
  • 5x Palanite Enforcers
  • A Vast Array of Modular Scenery
  • 1x Softback Rulebook
  • 1x Double-sided Play Surface
  • 1x Enforcer Patrol Transfer Sheet
  • 1x Ruler
  • 3x Weapons Templates
  • 16x Dice (8 Red, 8 Black)
  • Game Cards
  • 1x Sheet of Double-sided tokens


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