The Preceptor – Masters of the 8th Dimension Monster Destroyers Privateer Press

The Preceptor – Masters of the 8th Dimension Monster

Privateer Press

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Of all those fighting over the future of Earth, the Masters of the 8th Dimension are surely the strangest. No formal dialog has been established with these beings, and their origin is not entirely understood, but their motivations are clear. They bear humanity no ill will, but they seek to eliminate the multiverse. They see the Monsterpocalypse as the focal point of much of that disturbance and have started their war with all of reality here. The first shot of that war was fired by The Preceptor, the leader of their forces and the monster sent to start teaching the universe to behave.

Resin and white metal components.

1 Preceptor
1 Square Base (60mm)
1 Stat Card