Spitter & Task Master – Lords of Cthul Unit Destroyers Privateer Press

Spitter & Task Master – Lords of Cthul Unit

Privateer Press

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The slug-like monstrosities called spitters follow in the wake of the proper Lords of Cthul, emitting vile and toxic fluids to digest adversaries from a distance. They can also expel this fluid to extinguish flames, though they rarely have reason to limit the destruction around them. Mighty as the Lords of Cthul may be, they sometimes deign to delegate the oversight of their conquered dominions to task masters, telekinetically powerful creatures who resemble Cthugrosh in miniature. This resemblance is no coincidence, as the killing might and cruelty of the task masters is terrifying to behold.

This blister pack contains Lords of Cthul units to expand your Destroyers force. Spitters provide a solid ranged attack and the ability to eliminate hazards. Task Masters provide support for your force and are capable of eliminating multiple enemies with one attack.

Resin and white metal components.

1 Task Master
1 Elite Spitter
3 Spitters
5 30mm Square Bases
Stat Cards