Monsterpocalypse Bashers and Blaster Legion of Mutates Unit Protectors Privateer Press

Bashers and Blaster Legion of Mutates Unit

Privateer Press

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The Means & Ways concoctions that can make someone into a half-animal monster the size of a skyscraper are reserved for company employees. However, the company's consumer products that form the Legion of Mutates brand have the power to temporarily transform a normal human into a hybrid animal creature capable of taking on the lesser minions of the forces seeking the destruction of the earth. Each of these packages comes with a one-year training program membership, the weapons and armor needed while in the form, and a dose of the drug that will turn you into the matching mutate.

White metal components.

3 Basher Grunts
1 Basher Elite
1 Blaster
5 Square Bases (30mm)
Stat Cards