Scale75 Metal And Alchemy Copper Paint Set Scalecolour Scale75  (5026532556937)

Scale75 Metal And Alchemy Copper Paint Set


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Scale 75 water-based acrylic paints are specifically designed to provide efficient coverage and a smooth finish. Their paint sets provide a wide and varied range of colours pallets branded for easy distinction, they are the perfect addition to any painter's collection.

The METAL'N ALCHEMY COPPER Paint set contains 8 17ml paint pots and a painting Guide.

Paints included:

  • SC87 - Decayed Metal
  • SC88 - Old Copper
  • SC89 - Garnet Red
  • SC90 - Ruby Red
  • SC91 - Pure Copper
  • SC92 - Victorian Brass
  • SC93 - Amber Alchemy
  • SC94 - Moonstone Alchemy

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