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In this tale, the adventurers learn of an apprentice mage that disappeared into the darkness, never to be seenagain. Now villagers are vanishing too, dragged out of their beds by unspeakable horrors and ghoulish fiends. Atthe heart of the mystery lies a disused and dilapidated crypt from which eerie moans can be heard howling into the night. Can the adventurers get to the bottom of this dark tale, or will they too become victims of the monsters thatplague the village?


An adventure book to guide the Dungeon Master through the two exciting missions. Contains all the stats forminions and bosses that you will encounter, plus guidance on what is in each room and where to put the scenery!

A beautifully illustrated two-sided map for your adventuring team to explorethrough. Pre-assembled, coloured, hard plastic scenery to bring the quests to life!