Orruk Warclans: Ironjawz Orruk Ardboyz

Games Workshop

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Orruks just care about fighting, especially Ironjawz, so Ironjaws don't have much time for other Orruks or weedier greenskins. The only bunch they tolerate is the Orruk Ardboys. Clad in crude but well-made armour and brandishing an abundance of weapons, this brutal and disciplined unit are always eager to prove themselves to their tougher brethren. 

This multi-part plastic kit allows you to build a unit of 15 Orruk Ardboys. Containing an array of weapon options such as Orukk-forged choppas, smashas, shields and big choppas. It even provides extra bitz for command models such as Waaaagh! Drummers, standard bearers and an Ardboy boss.