Gloomspite Gitz Squig Herd Warhammer Games Workshop  (5026473902217)

Gloomspite Gitz: Squig Herd

Games Workshop

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Squigs are bipedal cave-dwelling creatures, often remarked as being vicious jaws on legs. Grots breed these creatures for battle and their own amusement. Squigs are constantly prodded and poked in the right direction and every so often a squig will retaliate and snap back at the herder, often swallowing them whole.

The multi-part, plastic Gloomspite Gitz Squig Herd kit contains;

  • 12x¬†Gloomspite Gitz Squig
    • 2 Squig Herders
    • 10¬†Squigs
      • A choice of 20 different Squig faces