GH-KS3-KB MIGAKI Kamiyasu Sanding Stick 3mm


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High endurance and high versatility! Kami-Yasu Migaki from GodHand is a series of durable sanding/polishing sponges with a cloth based rasp. Unlike traditional sandpaper, the abrasive side of the sponge is made of cloth making them hard to tear, or add wrinkles and folding marks... Even after wrinkling & folding! The high durability means you can even pinch your Kami-Yasu Migaki with a tool such as a pliers and work away with ease.

When eventually clogged you can recover most of the useability by removing debris from the sponge using a separately purchased toothbrush or inexpensive melamine sponge, so you won't need to replace your Kami-Yasu Migaki often. You can also rinse the sponge, or immerse it in water and they can be used either wet or dry.

As sponges contact uniformly against a surface, you'll find sanding or polishing curved or hard to reach areas much easier and you'll avoid creating those 'flat spots' so common with traditional, rigid files. Each sponge is clearly marked with the abrasiveness (eg: #4000, #6000, etc) and also colour coded, so identification of the next needed Kami-Yasu Migaki is just a glance away. Each Kami-Yasu Migaki has dimensions of 105 x 20mm (l x w), with the only difference being the thickness.

Pack Includes:

* #4000 105x20x3mm.
* #6000 105x20x3mm.
* #8000 105x20x3mm.
* #10000 105x20x3mm.