Fyreslayers: Vulkite Berzerkers Fyreslayers Games Workshop

Fyreslayers: Vulkite Berzerkers

Games Workshop

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Vulkite berserkers are the back bone of the Fyreslayers, the battle hardened soldiers that make up the Fyreslayer Lodges. Their flesh stamped with the magical ur-gold runes, these fearsome fighters are unstoppable as they shrug off even the most serious of wounds. Vulkite berserkers can be armed with a variety of weapons, such as axes, picks and shields, as well as Fyresteel Throwing axes. One miniature can be assembled as a Karl, a unit leader ready to command the unit while another can be assembled with a Horn of Grimnir.

This box set contains ten highly detailed¬†multi part plastic miniatures of Vulkite Berserkers. Rules for these new miniatures are included in their box.