Forces Of The Abyss Mega Army Kings of War Mantic Games  (5026728247433)

Forces Of The Abyss Mega Army

Mantic Games

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Mass incursions of the forces of the Abyss are thankfully rare, for when they do happen, the suffering is terrible. Pouring forth in waves of demonic creatures on foot and in the air, an Abyssal horde may only ever be stopped at great cost and after much bloodshed.


  • 60x Hard Plastic Lower Abyssals/Flamebearers
  • 30x Hard Plastic Succubi
  • 6x Hard Plastic Imp Swarms
  • 3x Resin Molochs
  • 10x Plastic Gargoyles
  • 3x Metal Tortured Soul Swarms
  • 2x Metal Efreet