Sparmax Flyer Airbrush Kit DC-25X


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The ultimate airbrush bundle for beginners! Includes the ultra-lightweight DC-25 compressor with the quick switch FLYER airbrush 2-in-1 combo.

  • DC-25 Compressor
    Ultra-lightweight and palm-sized, the DC-25 will not take up a lot of room in your workspace, and if it starts to, just move it somewhere else! A tried and true, easy to use model that offers portability along with a soft and even airflow; ideal for low-pressure airbrush applications.
  • FLYER Airbrush
    This one of its kind, patent pending plastic airbrush is perfect for beginners who seek more than what the common beginner airbrushes offer, thanks to the combination of the following features:

    -  Simple to use

    -  Lightweight (75g with the bottle)

    -  Ergonomic PC handle

    -  Adjustable line width

    -  No disassembly of airbrush

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