Everchosen Varanguard Knights Of Ruin Warhammer Games Workshop  (5026477277321)

Slaves To Darkness: Everchosen Varanguard Knights Of Ruin

Games Workshop

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Thundering across the battlefields of the mortals realms, charging down their prey to crush them beneath their cloven hooves are the Everchosen Varanguard. Encased in mighty steel armour and riding barded, mutated steeds of Chaos the Varanguard are the most powerful and deadly of Archaon’s warriors. Armed with either an Ensorcelled Weapon, a Fellspear, or a Daemonforged Blade and a Warpsteel Shield nothing can stand in the way of the Knights of Ruin. 

This box set contains three highly detailed plastic miniatures and bases. A awesome unit to add to you Everchosen faction and your collection.