Dwarf Mega Army

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When a Dwarf Hold goes to war, there are few who can stand against it. Huge artillery pieces and legions of sharpshooters whittle away at the foe from range, before ranks of doughty warriors and frenzied berserkers fall on the remainder and smash them apart. When the Dwarfs go to war, they do so to win.


  • 60 Hard Plastic Dwarf Ironclad with Command
  • 20 Hard Plastic Dwarf Shieldbreakers
  • 30 Hard Plastic Dwarf Ironwatch with Rifles and Crossbows
  • 5 Hard Plastic and Metal Dwarf Sharpshooters
  • 3 Hard Plastic Ironbelcher Cannon/Organ Gun with Crew
  • 1 Metal Dwarf Warsmith with Alternate Componenents

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