Codex: Space Marines (Hb) Space Marines Games Workshop

Codex: Space Marines (Hb)

Games Workshop

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  • Thrilling background? Check.
  • Stunning artwork? Check.
  • Bespoke, narrative-driven Crusade rules? Check.
  • Rules for building your own Successor Chapter Tactics? Check.
  • A whopping 98 datasheets? Check.

All that and we still haven’t mentioned the rules for upgrading your Characters to members of the Chapter Command, nor the incredible miniatures showcase and the fact that the rules and background sections cover every First Founding Chapter and their successors – even the Deathwatch! We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again – this is the nearest thing to an actual Codex Astartes we’ve ever made. It serves as the foundation for all your Adeptus Astartes armies and provides you with everything you need, and more, to unleash them on the battlefield and crush the enemies of the Imperium.

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