Codex: Chaos Space Marines 2 Warhammer 40000 Games Workshop  (5026455126153)

Codex: Chaos Space Marines

Games Workshop

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This highly detailed book contains;

  • All the rules you need to command a Chaos Space Marines army
  • A datasheet for the Noctilith Crown
  • Rules for miniatures from the Imperium Nihilus books
  • Psychic powers
  • Chapter approved points changes
Important Note

This is an updated version of Codex: Chaos Space Marines, containing new art, lore and updated rules encompassing new content from Imperium Nihilus: Vigilus Ablaze, including Prayers to the Dark Gods, updated units, and more. If you already own a copy of Chaos Space Marines and Vigilus Ablaze, you'll find this book a handy compilation. However, you do not need a copy of the original codex or Vigilus Ablaze to use this product!

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