Captain-General Trajann Valoris Warhammer 40000 Games Workshop  (5026457649289)

Captain-General Trajann Valoris

Games Workshop

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As befitting of their role as the Emperor's guards, the Custodes were given access to the finest and most advanced technologies of the Imperium. This is often reflected in their vehicle designs, most of which are Anti-grav. The Custodian Guard is known to have used Grav-Rhinos, Caladius, Pallas, and Coronus Grav-Tanks, and Paragon Pattern Jetbikes. In the ten thousand years since the Heresy the Custodes have meticulously maintained and preserved much of their equipment. However few of their technologically advanced vehicles remain and they rarely use post-heresy designs.

This Multi-part plastic box set contains;

  • 1x¬†Captain-General Trajann Valoris
  • 1x Citadel Base