Battletome: Idoneth Deepkin Warhammer Games Workshop  (5026476294281)

Battletome: Idoneth Deepkin

Games Workshop

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From out of blackness they come, emerging from the depths of the realms’ seas upon a surging tide of magic. These merciless raiders do not seek merely to slaughter or enslave, however, for they are the Idoneth Deepkin – they have come to take their victims’ very souls.


  • Lore, army rules, allegiance abilities, battleplans, command trait, artefacts and spells
  • Path to Glory rules
  • Warscrolls for 14 units and 6 battalions
  • Warscroll for the Gloomtide Shipwreck
  • Pitched Battle Profiles
  • Tips for painting and color schemes