Aventis Firestrike Magister Of Hammerhal Warhammer Games Workshop  (5026469871753)

Stormcast Eternals: Aventis Firestrike Magister Of Hammerhal

Games Workshop

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The Aventis Firestrike, Grand Magister of Hammerhal is a huge kit that allows you to build both his new Hammers of Sigmar battle-mage and a Lord-Arcanum of your own making. Included are enough parts to keep both models similar in structure but very different in the details and they are still two very unique models, if you choose to build the Aventis Firestrike you will still have plenty of parts left to build the on foot version of Lord-Arcanum.

This multi-part plastic kit contains;

  • 1 Aventis Firestrike, Magister of Hammerhal
  • Lord-Arcanum on Tauralon / on foot option