Ak11624 Splittermuster Uniform 3G

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The tones of this 3Gen set have been selected for painting figures dressed with the Splittertarnmuster type camouflage uniform.

These uniforms were used by soldiers of the regular army (Wehrmacht), Luftwaffe -paratroopers (Fallschirmjäger)- and other troops during WWII.

In the set you will find the basic colors for 3 options of base and the spots/rainmarks.

These clothes could have different hues depending on wear, age, and which factory produced the garment.


This set contains:

  • AK11414 Splittermuster Base.
  • AK11016 Splittermuster Base Opt.2 (Grey-Green).
  • AK11033 Splittermuster Base Opt.3 (Dark Sand).
  • AK11415 Splittermuster Green Spots.
  • AK11419 Splittermuster Brown Spots (Waffen Red Brown).
  • AK11158 Splittermuster Rainmarks (Reflective Green).