Age Of Sigmar: Azyrite Townscape Warhammer Games Workshop  (5026698985609)

Age Of Sigmar: Azyrite Townscape

Games Workshop

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Gaming terrain is a key factor in any wargame, it can have a major effect on the feel and enjoyment level of the game. Using highly detailed and themed scenery that builds a scenic battlefield helps to pull you in and keep you fully engrossed and enhancing your gaming experience. This multi-part plastic kit from Games Workshop does just that!

The Age Of Sigmar: Azyrite Townscape expands on and is fully compatible with the Azyrite Ruins kit. This kit is push-fit making assembly quick and easy and requires no glue.

This highly detailed multi-part plastic scenery kit contains;

  • 3x Ruined sections
  • 1x Cornerpiece
  • 1x Broken pillar
  • 1x Padlocked chest 

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