Malifaux Third Edition by Wyrd Games


Malifaux, a twisted mirror of an alternate Earth in the 1900s; a world of gothic horror, Victorian structures, steampunk constructs, and wild west gunslingers. Rife with undead amalgamations, monstrous vengeful apparitions, and other creatures that bump in the night, these near-lawless lands are still worth treading for some, as the Soulstones deep within the cavernous catacombs are worth more than the sweat and blood it takes to obtain them.

Malifaux Third Edition is a story-driven skirmish game where two players fight one of the endless skirmishes for control over the towns, settlements, and places of power in this dangerous new world. 

Seek your fortune, test your luck, and stake your claim in this fast-paced and brutal tabletop miniature skirmish game.

Wake the Dead M3E Wyrd

Wake the Dead

Regular price $60.00
Cold as Ice M3E Wyrd

Cold as Ice

Regular price $67.50
Rasputina Core Box M3E Wyrd

Rasputina Core Box

Regular price $90.00
Witches and Woes Rotten Harvest: Pandora LTD M3E Wyrd

Witches and Woes Rotten Harvest: Pandora LTD

Regular price $82.50
Desolation M3E Wyrd


Regular price $75.00
Auxiliary Forces M3E Wyrd

Auxiliary Forces

Regular price $60.00
Dashel Core Box M3E Wyrd

Dashel Core Box

Regular price $82.50
Leveticus Core Box M3E Wyrd

Leveticus Core Box

Regular price $82.50
Von Schill Core Box M3E Wyrd

Von Schill Core Box

Regular price $82.50
Lynch Core Box M3E Wyrd

Lynch Core Box

Regular price $90.00
Study Group M3E Wyrd

Study Group

Regular price $75.00
Hired Killers M3E Wyrd  (5026732540041)

Hired Killers

Regular price $36.00
Familiar Faces M3E Wyrd  (5026732572809)

Familiar Faces

Regular price $36.00
Altered Beasts M3E Wyrd  (5026732408969)

Altered Beasts

Regular price $45.00
Loyalty To Coin M3E Wyrd  (5026732441737)

Loyalty To Coin

Regular price $42.00
Creative Taxidermy M3E Wyrd  (5026732310665)

Creative Taxidermy

Regular price $52.50
Perdita Core Box M3E Wyrd  (5026732179593)

Perdita Core Box

Regular price $75.00
Lady Justice Core Box M3E Wyrd  (5026732245129)

Lady Justice Core Box

Regular price $75.00
Marcus Core Box M3E Wyrd  (5026732048521)

Marcus Core Box

Regular price $75.00
Kaeris Core Box M3E Wyrd  (5026731917449)

Kaeris Core Box

Regular price $75.00
Burning Bridges M3E Wyrd  (5026731950217)

Burning Bridges

Regular price $75.00
Captain Zipp Core Box M3E Wyrd  (5026731720841)

Captain Zipp Core Box

Regular price $75.00
Ulix Core Box M3E Wyrd  (5026731688073)

Ulix Core Box

Regular price $75.00
Lucius Core Box M3E Wyrd  (5026731655305)

Lucius Core Box

Regular price $75.00

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