Beast Snagga Orks Army Set

Games Workshop

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Launch date is 24 July 2021.

The Beast Snaggas are the latest subkultur to make their way to the tabletop, vicious hunters who drag down massive beasts and war machines with little more than their stikkas, squigs, and a gung-ho attitude. The Army Box contains a large mob of 20 Beast Snagga Boyz,* along with three Squighog Boyz, a Nob riding his smasha squig, and a fan favourite Runtherd hero returning to lead them.

That’s not all – in addition to these brand new models, you’ll also get an early copy of the complete Codex: Orks, packed full of new and updated datasheets, Stratagems, and more, as well as a full set of 52 reference datacards and a transfer sheet. This will be the first chance to get your hands on this codex!


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