The F.A.T. Mat® by TABLEWAR® is the original neoprene rubber backed gaming surface. It is the Best gaming mat in the world.  The F.A.T. Mat has become the defacto standard in tabletop gaming surfaces. The smooth surface ensures miniatures glide easily but stay in place. The surface further dampens the bounce of dice as they are rolled keeping dice on the gaming table and quiet. The mat is extremely durable (including adult and junior beverage friendly) while being easy to store and transport within the included storage/carry bag.

F.A.T. Mat 60x44" 'Urban Combat' F.A.T. Mats TABLEWAR

F.A.T. Mat 60x44" 'Urban Combat'

Regular price $89.90
F.A.T. Mats 60x44" 'Ruined City' F.A.T. Mats TABLEWAR

F.A.T. Mats 60x44" 'Ruined City'

Regular price $89.90

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