D&D Epic Encounters: Nest of the Dinosaur

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Extinct? Hardly. In this world, dinosaurs still stalk the earth, and all creatures flee before them. Once thought to be dismally stupid creatures, in truth dinosaurs exhibit cold-blooded reptilian guile, alongside jaws lined with lethal teeth and tails powerful enough to shatter spines with the barest flick.

Any such creature would make a formidable opponent, but one with two heads? The stuff of nightmares. Whether this specimen was born of genetic mutation, magic, or a a blessing of the gods is unknown. But you can be sure it will test your bravery to the limit.

Will you live to tell this tale of Jurassic jeopardy? Or end up dinner for a death-dealing dinosaur?

Compatible with fifth edition or any fantasy roleplaying game, Nest of the Dinosaur pits you against a slavering saurian with two heads, rapier claws, and a cold, reptilian cunning. Hungry for more? Pair this encounter with Steppe of the Lizard Thane for a truly epic, cold-blooded campaign!

1 Miniature
‣ Double-headed Dinosaur (100mm base)
13 Minion Tokens
1 Double-sided Game Mat
1 Adventure Book